2012 Tasmanian tour to BCC Kenya

In late July 10 Tasmanians headed to Kenya for 2 weeks working and visiting the Bethlehem Community Centre (BCC) homes in Nairobi and Mwea. The group spent many weeks preparing for the visit, especially in fundraising to build a Chicken Farm at BCC Mwea. Many Tasmanians signed up for $100 shares in the farm and plans were drawn up to build a Tassie chook house.


Richard Thompson also spent many hours busking to raise $4000 to buy new shoes for the 160 children who call BCC their home.

Maximum luggage allowance of 30kg and plenty of hand luggage was taken by everyone and only about 1/3 of the weight came home. The group left behind books, games, sporting equipment, 4 ukuleles, 1 guitar, 20 recorders, 2 drums, hundreds of coloured pencils, pens, crayons and paints, sewing materials, colouring and craft activities, clothing, balloons and lollies.

The group spent the first 5 days at a guest house just outside the village in Kayole, where the first home and a school are located. Each day the group travelled to the home and school to spend the days doing activities with the kids. The group then travelled to the 40 acre farm where BCC hope one day to sink a bore and grow crops. From the 40 acres the group travelled by bus to Mwea and the second BCC home. This is about 3 hours northeast of Nairobi in a poor rural area so the only accommodation was to share the bunk house with the kids.

Tassie Tour 1 2012Donna spent many hours helping Anthony with the book keeping for BCC, Richard entertained the kids with his music, Pam had raised funds to purchase sewing machines and helped others learn to master the sewing art, Sue had made 90 library bags and helped the kids ‘personalise’ their bag, Regie became the UNO master, Keith was the handy man and led the way In building the chicken coop, Samantha showed how great she was in entertaining the younger kids, Robert showed his prowess in helping the kids with their maths as well as being a great builders apprentice, Karina helped the kids make cards and was also called on lots for her nursing skills and Chris shared pen letters from Illawarra Primary School with the grade 6 class as well as doing lots of colouring in of maps of Australia and pictures of Australian animals.

At Mwea the group visited the local schools as well as helping the children in harvesting the maize. Keith led the boys in building the chook house and the rest of us had lots of fun with the kids.

The group all agree that they thoroughly enjoyed their time in getting to know the children and staff of BCC and are all keen to visit again one day. The trip in Kenya finished with a short tour around Nairobi and a 2 day safari in the Masai Mara.

If you would like to know more about volunteer trips to BCC or ways you can contribute to the continued support of BCC and the great work they are doing you can email Chris on bandc@netspace.net.au