BCC Africa Inc. is a not for profit incorporated association registered in Queensland, Australia committed to working with BCC Africa in Kenya to support children, women, families and communities to overcome poverty. BCC Africa Inc. has Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status with the Australian Tax Office.  We currently have the following appeals:

Food relief for BCC Africa Community Kids

DonateJoin the $10 a month appeal and help us to provide a nutritious meal for every child attending school each day.

Over 200 children aged from 4 to 18 years attend the Bethlehem Soweto Community School from the local community. Most of these kids belong to single parent families, mainly mothers who undertake casual labour to pay rent and living expenses. Living on less than $2.00 a day is challenging and often children arrive to school having not eaten breakfast that morning, or dinner the night before.

At BCC, we aim to provide nutritious food for children so they can remain healthy and also focus on their education. It is a well known fact that children learn best when not fighting hunger. Help us by donating just $10 a month to the BCC Africa Food Relief for community kids… you’ll not only make sure that a child is being fed, but you’ll also contribute to ensuring that a child is alert and ready to learn each day at school.

Help us reach 400 Sponsors in 2017

DonateUnfortunately for many children in Kenya who live in poverty, life is extremely harsh and vulnerable – food is scarce, a mother or father has died of AIDS, home is an unsafe corrugated iron room and education a distant dream.

In Soweto, an inner city slum in Nairobi, Kenya and in Mwea, a rural town in north east Kenya, there is hope for orphaned and at risk children – The Bethlehem Community Centre (BCC Africa).

BCC Africa is motivated by their desire to provide every boy and girl like Margaret with a loving home, with education, nutritional food and clothing, and with the chance to grow and be all that their hearts believe in.

Our goal in 2017  is to reach 400 BCC Sponsors.

Please give a gift of *$50 a month and make a real difference to Margaret and the other BCC Africa kids.

*BCC Africa sponsorship funds are given to the Bethlehem Community Centre, a registered charity in Kenya to help with all the costs associated with supporting and educating each and every child. Funds are not given directly to the child or the child’s family.