Here are some of the areas where BCC Africa requires funds to carry out its vital work.

BCC Africa Residential Care & Reintegration

  • Support a BCC Child who lives in residential care at Soweto or Mwea. Your donation will help us to provide a home managed by loving house parents, counseling, nutritional food and medical care.
  • While children are in our care, BCC is committed to working with families (immediate, extended and foster), as well as communities and local government to re-establish (where possible) children in family homes, so they can live back in their village communities.

Our goals

  • New kitchen to replace the current corrugated iron structure at Soweto.
  • Rebuild and renovate the residential centre at Bethlehem Mwea, with an additional staff house.

BCC Africa Education (Pre – Primary, Primary and Secondary)

  • Support a BCC Child – school fees, uniforms, shoes, textbooks, exercise books, pencils, pens.
  • Support a BCC Teacher – salary, teacher’s guides, scholastic resources, training courses.
  • Food Relief for School Kids – a nutritious meal can make all the difference to a child’s ability to concentrate when learning at school.

Our goals

  • New classrooms & administration block to replace the corrugated iron structure at Soweto.
  • Computers for school kids.
  • Play areas at Soweto and Mwea.
  • Toilet block at Soweto.

BCC Africa Vocational and Higher EducationGraduation

We have students who have completed Secondary School and desire to continue with their formal education.

  • Support a BCC Student over a three to five year term to attend the course of their choosing. You’ll be making an investment that will have positive life time outcomes.

Due to the specific nature of each course and its associated costs, please email us for further information or choose from one of the following BCC students who are seeking education assistance.



BCC Africa Women’s Business Network

  • Support a mother, grandmother, sister, auntie to improve their income. Your donation will help us to start a small business and provide guidance and training.

Our goals

  • Establish a Bakery for income generation and employment for women in Soweto.

BCC Africa Agriculture & Food Security

We recognise the potential in developing the BCC land in agriculture to provide income, employment and food security.

Our goals

  • Kamulu land – 40 acres – water, electricity, back up diesel generator, greenhouse, farm hand’s house, tank, irrigation, farm inputs – seed, fertiliser, tools, labour, security, tree planting, cows, goats, housing for animals and truck.
  • Mwea land – 3 acres plus 2 acres – water, diesel generator, irrigation, farm inputs – seed, fertiliser, tools, labour, security, tree planting, cows, goats, chickens, housing for animals, borehole, tank.

BCC Africa – Kenya

If you can assist with any of the following we would be most grateful

  • Books and computers for the Community Library
  • Truck, 4WD, Minivan and Motorbike