What We Do

With over 20 years experience in community development, child care and education in Kenya, Bethlehem Community Centre is dedicated to working with orphaned and vulnerable children and impoverished families.

3 In Arms


We are asked by the Children’s District Officers to care for boys and girls who have nowhere to go. Some stay for a short time while we work with immediate and extended families, while others make BCC their home. We stand for the rights of children. We stand against injustice of any kind.

We educate children who would not normally find themselves in school. If you are a child whose mother earns less than $2 a day, then getting to school is nearly impossible. The BCC Soweto Pre School and Primary School educates children from poor families.

We aim to provide young adults with vocational training and higher education. Education coupled with skill is vital in gaining employment in Kenya. This is a challenging area of need, but one that is so valuable in providing the best opportunities for future sustainability.

We provide assistance and empower women, mostly single mothers.  Starting a small business for a woman who has a strong desire to improve her life can bring about positive change for her and her children.

We counsel with the downhearted, bringing hope with the Word of God. Our church is a place where community can gather, discuss, believe, pray, receive and be released. People can talk with BCC pastors, and meet with elders and other members from the community. The church is our meeting place, where voices can be heard, and solutions found in participation and prayer.

We’ve started growing maize and tomatoes providing a small amount of food for the BCC Kids. It’s our aim to establish larger income generation activities including farming for long term organisational self reliance. When this takes place, we’ll be able to provide employment opportunities for the communities that we work in.


Tomatoes grown in a greenhouse at Soweto.


Maize growing at the Mwea home.