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Kayole (Soweto)

Bethlehem Community Centre is located in Kayole (Soweto), one of the high density urban slums in the eastern part of Nairobi, the largest city within East Africa. Soweto has an informal population of about 300,000 with mostly women headed households, living in overcrowded one-room corrugated iron dwellings. People who live in Soweto are displaced Kenyans who lost land in tribal conflicts, migrants from rural towns looking for brighter futures and refugees from neighbouring countries.

The Centre at Soweto consists of a residence for children, a school, church, community library and greenhouse.

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Kayole Where We Are


Bethlehem Community Centre is located in Mwea, a rural town about two and a half hours drive north east of Nairobi. Mwea’s residents are mainly landless Kenyans, who find casual labour working in the surrounding rice fields.

The Centre at Mwea is situated on two acres and consists of a residence for children. Part of the land is under agriculture providing some staple foods and fruits. There is also an additional three acre block which BCC has a goal to plant crops to generate income.

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Mwea Where We Are


Bethlehem Community Centre has 40 acres of land in Kamulu, about an hour’s drive out of Nairobi. This land has not been developed, but has potential for income generation. It is part of the future goals of BCC Africa in Kenya.


Ruai and Matayos

Bethlehem Community Centre has established a church in Ruai, a small village on the outskirts of Nairobi and a church in Matayos, western Kenya, not too far from the Kenyan – Ugandan border.